Cloud2Go is a Munich/Germany based technology company focused on data storage, data sharing and business networking.

Its lead product is Cloud2Go, a totally secure cloud providing computer resources as a service that can be shared fast and with little effort – usually via the internet and regardless of the device.

Access to the cloud is given by customizable Smartcards, DigiPens, Keychains or NFC Tags. In addition, data can be shared also via QR Codes or forwarded directly using the dashboard of each user.

Since the acquisition of SpreadID GmbH in September 2022, Cloud2Go runs its own production facilities in Germany being headquartered in Munich and supported in Velbert close to Düsseldorf.

Thus, all products offered by Cloud2Go are made and hosted in Germany.

Due to the fact that Cloud2Go has always placed great value on independence, the company maintains its own graphics/design as well as programming team.

As a result, our clients benefit from a unique customer care and response time as well as an outstanding service level. In addition, Cloud2Go is – without any doubt – innovation leader introducing constantly new features and products.

On a management level, Cloud2Go is run by an experienced team that covers all necessary aspects from legal and finance to research and development as well as sales.